Saturday, August 31, 2013

WTBT Volume 2 - 2013

We're taking bets that...
* it is a lot harder to blog when you are busy.
* sometimes when people surprise you it means you weren't paying attention.
* the Yankees are still not going to make the play-offs.
* this Syria thing is going to make or break US happiness over the next two years.
* being irrational doesn't allow you to get things and when it does it makes me mad.
* ESPN the Mag is crazy predicting that the Pats are not going to make the Play-offs.
* Tom Brady is still an amazing QB and he will get 10 wins on his own.
* high wasted shorts on a bizarre trend that this younger generation needs to lose real quick.
* you are getting old if you remember when BoyzIIMen was relevant.

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