Sunday, September 08, 2013

We're taking bets that even though they are awful paying attention to politics is important...

I know that most people do not like politics, but I think they are important. We need to pay more attention. What is going on in Washington or even your hometown is important. Decisions about your lives are being made all of the time.

I know that many people do not want us to get involved in Syria and I understand why, but how many of us know any true information. I have tried to read every article I can get my hands on to figure out if a missile attack is the right thing to do. A big part of me is leaning toward yes.  The problem I see is that so many people are just screaming "No" without any real facts. We all are entitled to our opinions, but the mean stuff people say is borderline crazy. You don't have to like Barack Obama, but he does deserve a bit of respect. He is trying to do what he thinks is best for our country. If any of us were in the role of POTUS we would probably have quit after 12 hours. I have read awful things on Twitter, Facebook, Blog post and on the comments of articles. Do people really think and want those things to happen to another United States citizen who is working for us? Maybe some of us do and that saddens me.

My "new" town of East Haven has a mayoral race going on. Currently, there is a Democratic primary, which is very heated. I support one of the candidates more than the other, but I really don't care as long as the current mayor doesn't win. I think he does what is in the best interest for him and his friends. We are in national news for bad things at least every 3 months and as a small town that should never happen. Again I think he probably will win because the fighting in the Democratic party will probably lead to his winning.  It's funny because no one is having a debate and no one is talking about issues. This needs to stop. We need to talk about issues and not partisan crap.

We the people of the United States need to start making a stand. We need to start becoming informed and not just a sound byte people. The activism of the 60's needs to make a peaceful comeback. I love my country and thank God every single day that I get to be a part of the greatest nation on the planet. I hope that we have the right leaders to make the stands that need to be made. I never thought of myself as someone who wanted to get into politics, but I wonder what type of leader would I be. I can lead college students with pretty good results. I know I have the ability to inspire. Martin Luther King Jr. never held a public office and inspires millions even today. Maybe that is what I can be. Maybe that is what you can be. Think about it. I will.

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