Tuesday, February 03, 2009

WTBT Volume 1 Series 2009...

We're taking bets that...

* the Super Bowl commercials were a little better than in recent years.
* UCONN will be national champions in men's and women's basketball this year.
* The Office Super Bowl episodes had its moments, but it was a little overrated.
* Big Bang Theory is easily the funniest show on TV.
* be careful when a guy has pigeons in his pants.
* Manny Rameriz is an idiot for not taking the Dodgers $25 million offer.
* Bikini Girl is going to be the best story for American Idol in the next week.
* it stinks when you use your education for evil.
* it is definitely refreshing to hear the President of the United States say he made a mistake.
* the best catch in the Super Bowl is still Lynn Swann's falling down and catching his own tip.


Mags said...

Have you seen that show National Security? It was on last night. I love it-it's amazing how stupid people are, and also, how clever.

That man easily has the hairiest legs I've seen in a long while.

pmct said...

I very much enjoy Big Bang Theory