Wednesday, September 24, 2008

WTBT Volume 38 Series 2008...

We're taking bets that...

* the most shocking news of the week is Clay Aiken is gay.
* people should just try and get along.
* Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter looks creepy on the cover of Details magazine.
* my brother looks a little like him with his hair spiked up.
* the retirement of Johnny Pesky's number is the best thing the Red Sox will do all year.
* this might be the worst criminal ever and he needs to understand a reacher really can't kill you when wielded by an elderly woman.
* you didn't know that thing was called a "reacher".
* the firing of Matt Millen is going to make the city of Detroit happy.
* sometimes self-confessed animal lovers are not ready for a real commitment.
* you didn't know there was piggerys.
* most men would love to be put on stud duty.
* the Mets could still blow it and not make the play-offs.
* sometimes stupidity and irony go to new levels of holy crap.
* if you say something inappropriate I am probably going to call you on it.


Mags said...

You didn't know about reachers?! They were a $19.99 BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE item at one time.

T said...

Clay Aiken is gay? Who could see that coming?