Thursday, January 24, 2008

We're taking bets that your childhood was important...

Hello WTBT readers!!! Sorry for the long absence. I was extremely busy and I did not have the full energy to blog with. I am back and will be trying to blog almost everyday with sometimes having two posts a day. Won't that be great! Here are a few questions about your childhood. I hope you enjoy them. Ask others to respond.

A. What books from your childhood would you like to share with your children?

B. What is one thing from elementary school you wished you had in your adult life?

C. Who was your favorite elementary school teacher?


A. Well I am not sure this is from my childhood, but it definitely was a part of my brother's. I loved to read him The Monster at the End of the Book. It is a classic read with Grover and should be read to every little kid from age 1 1/2 to 4. I also would share the Great Brain and Encyclopedia Brown books that I loved as a kid.

B. I wish there was recess. Where we all went outside for an hour to play before resuming our day. Wouldn't that be super awesome and it would probably help with the American Obesity problem.

C. I loved Ms. Spinelli. Unfortunately she got married in May and never came back. She was my third grade teacher and I thought she was awesome. Of course it probably was a crush because she was the first pretty teacher I ever had. Most of the rest were kind of ugly.


BS said...

A. The Giving Tree, Green Eggs and Ham, The Indian in the Cupboard, and the Giver(when old enough). These books were pivotal parts of my intellectual development, and they were awesome.

B. I wish I had access to a cargo net and a rope to climb like I did in my elementary school gym. I would be so strong and fit if I could play on those in my spare time.

C. My favorite elementary school teacher was my first grade teacher Mrs. Carter. She somehow managed to get a huge group of 6 years olds to perform 3 plays (the Mikato, the Butterfly Play, and the Dinosaur Play) as well as inspire me to research ancient Egyptian culture, which eventually led to the tattoo on my shoulder blade.

Mags said...

Hi Greg! Seriously? Work is totally cramping my blogging style! :)

A. Where the Wild Things Are, and Pippi Longstocking book, Freckle Juice and the book of fairytales that I had when I was little. I also had a book called Socks for Supper and I don't remember what it was about exactly, but I remember that he bought cheese and it looked good. :)

B. Nap time. I would be so much more productive at around 1pm if I was allowed to take a little snooze cruise after lunch.

C. Mrs. Drake. She came as a long term sub in 6th grade b/c my regular teacher was an alcoholic and we got her in trouble (thanks to my nose and knowing what it smelled like). They had a rally to get her out of the school and Mrs. Drake stayed full time. She was WAY cool.

Danielle A. said...

A. I'm with you on "The Monster at the End of this Book". Also on the list for me is "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" and then if I have a daughter as she gets older there's the Anne of Green Gables series. :)

B. Nap time. When I was a kid I hated when they made us put our heads down and rest, but now that I'm older and am forced to have an 8-hour work day I want nap time.

C. Mr. Bissonette. He was awesome. He made learning fun, and usually found an excuse to relate the students with some sort of songs by Raffi.

Liz said...

Greg, You and I are on the same page with the book - The Monster at the End of this Book was the first one I thought of when I read the questions. I will also share Shel Silverstein's Light in the Attic, Where the Sidewalk Ends, as well as "Could Be Worse" and "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" by authors that I can't remember.

B. Recess is what I thought of first on this one as well. I have been walking on my lunch and I think recess with a jungle gym and swings and slide would be awesome!

C. Mrs. Burke. She was my first grade teacher and she became like a grandmother to me. She was a good friend of the family once I graduated to 2nd grade.

Pascha said...

A. Are you there God, its me Margret and Nancy Drew books that was good stuff!

B. Half days on the first friday of the month, not sure if it was a catholic school thing but I LOVED it especially in 8th grade!

C. Mrs. Ingineto, she was cool and her husband owned a pizzeria, she gave us the "what to do when you get your period" talk and then bought us italian ice AND she was no joke with making sure we got our work done