Friday, January 25, 2008

WTBT Volume 6 Series 2008...

We're taking bets that...

* I am excited about LOST, but I am going to talk about it next week.
* Chuck finished with two great episodes last night.
* this is one law all Virginia's should fight.
* sangria is god's gift to wines.
* Roger Federer was going to lose before a Grand Slam final someday, but most people did not think it would be in the Australian Open.
* sometimes things that happen a week ago are still very funny.
* Tom Brady really needs to come out and say something to the fans, because he is scaring Patriot Nation.
* my opinion is not always right, but it does make you think.
* these are the kinds of students that I work with.
* if you check his facebook you probably can find out what bar he was at.
* sometimes a woman's nagging will come up with successful results.
* getting bitch slapped by your doctor isn't fun, but it is helpful.


Danielle A. said...

Tom Brady should come out and say "Would you please stop freaking out people? I have a basic high ankle sprain that'll be gone in another day or two. I haven't been in the locker room during media time to avoid you idiots overhyping this stupid 'injury' more than you already have and freaking out the fans. Between this, and this baloney with Randy you can stop trying to cause distractions. Now, leave me alone and let me bring my girlfriend flowers without you people pestering me."

Sorry... that whole thing has been frustrating me lately... can you tell? :)

Tom said...

So if my girlfriend freaked out as much as that one in the story did because I didn't buy her a pair of 149 dollar jeans, my first act with my 800,000 dollar winning would be to move far away from her. Imagine what she will want from him next.