Monday, January 28, 2008

WTBT Volume 7 Series 2008

We're taking bets that...

* it is weird that just because of Watergate every scandal gets a "Gate" added to it.
* this is a couple made in Heaven.
* you are going to get tired of seeing the NY Giants Michael Strahan on TV everyday until the Super Bowl.
* this might be the best thief story ever.
* you don't know what is more mean. The fact that someone gave him a cigarette without lighting it or bystanders watched him hang their for 12 hours.
* Barack Obama really needs to capitalize on his South Carolina victory.
* John Edwards will be dropping out of the race any day now.
* even though you didn't watch it the NHL All Star game was pretty entertaining.
* Christmas Story will live on forever if kids continue to do things like this.
* and the fact that TBS plays is 85 times in the month of December.
* Tiger Woods is becoming too good and might win every tournament he enters this year.
* everyone should stop what they are doing on Thursday to watch LOST.
* I have a bunch of unanswered questions to be revealed on Wednesday about LOST.
* sometimes you just need to take a small coma to get over a cold.

1 comment:

Danielle A. said...

It's a good thing the Monica Lewinsky scandal didn't get a clever nickname with the word "gate" at the end. Can you imagine the endless possibilities? *snicker*