Tuesday, March 01, 2011

We're taking bets that there are some mixed messages...

Here are a couple observations from the last week or so. Sorry it's been a while.

* Glee last week definitely sent mixed messages to its audience. I know the show is not supposed to be for teenagers, (even though it is on at 8 pm.) but this week really did nothing to making drinking look like something that should not be done in high school. While I am not sure that 21 is the best drinking age, I know it shouldn't be 16. Glee really dropped the ball when it is sending so many positive messages to kids and fighting for acceptance. So many more messages about responsibility could have been out there. I was very disappointed.

* There are a ton of signs on the highway that really make me laugh. On my trip to South Carolina I saw three different signs that are very weird. First there is the thousands of signs telling people that bridges freeze before the road. Doesn't that make sense? There is no insulation on a bridge and there is no dirt underneath it to slow the freeze. The fact that these signs are in Jersey was the most confusing to me, because I figured Jersey is in the northeast and would easily no this. I guess not.

The second crazy sign was for the highway safety areas. These seem to be areas where they can make moving violations more expensive. Shouldn't all parts of the highway be safe? Do we have to have signs like this. I mean I-84 in Connecticut is one of the most dangerous highways I have ever travelled on and no one needs to tell me to be safe.

The last sign was in Washington, D.C. for the DUI Enforcement Area. Um... I think that everywhere should be the DUI Enforcement Area. First off the drunks probably can't read that sign and secondly if I was going to drive drunk (Which might be the absolute dumbest thing anyone can do) I would avoid that area. Can anyone help me to understand this sign?

* Charlie Sheen has officially cross the line from an addict to a crazy person who is also an addict. He doesn't care what he says or who he hurts. This is the most surreal thing I have seen since OJ was being driven through LA. You don't really want to watch, but you have to. It is sad that this is what our society accepts and allows to be on TV. News stations no less. Ugh.

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