Thursday, March 03, 2011

WTBT Volume 20, Series 2011...

We're taking bets that...

* Charlie Sheen is getting speaking advice from Gary Busey.
* it makes you happy to see baseball on ESPN again.
* this guy's sideburns took over his brain.
* whether you agree with their policies or not BYU is doing something positive by sticking to it's morals.
* when you were in high school and college it wasn't called a comeback but a lifelong drought.
* maybe I shared a little too much with that last one.
* American Idol should keep more women than men this year.
* Steven Tyler is still funny although he has been kind of a wimp on live tv.
* BYU will get knocked out in the second round of the NCAA's.
* this never happened when you were in college.
* I would be shocked if any guys turned down the opportunity to see the after class demonstration.
* looking for a miracle is not a bad thing.
* Libya is getting scarier every single day.
* you are gettin old if you remember when Joey Lawrence was a cute kid.

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