Monday, March 28, 2011

We're taking bets that this is absolutely insane...

I need all of you to read this article before you read my commentary. I am not sure what world we have created that allowed this girl to think her actions against her mother were okay. There has to be something seriously wrong with her because if there is not I think I may have to hide in my basement for the next 60+ years. When I was two my father told me I could not do or have something and I got so angry that I actually passed out. Now I am sure that was a little extreme and I can't really remember what I was thinking, but even that behavior was wrong. (Funny side note: My Dad didn't really know what to do and picked up my lifeless like body and took me to my mother. I awoke in his arms while they were figuring out what to do. Though they probably should have noticed that I was still breathing I now think the situation is hysterical.) This situation blows my mind. She first threatened to kill her mother on the phone, which probably was heard by others in the car dealership. While I am sure many people have threatened to kill family members before while angry this seems like an odd reaction. She then obtained a gun. Is it really that easy? Can any 17 year old girl get a gun in less than an hour? If this isn't a reason for stronger gun laws I don't know what is. She then pistol whips her mother and takes her to sign the car loan. This is not a hostage/extortion situation. Not typical of a 17 year old honor student. What is typical is the mother even after calling the police to report decided she didn't want her daughter to get in trouble. HELLO!!!!!!!! I know that we need to protect our children, but once they have pulled a gun on me all bets are off. They need help and getting them arrested is the first step. I, as a parent, obviously can't handle the situation and that is okay. Why do so many parents deny doing the right thing for our children when they make a major mistake. I know I am not a parent and can't understand, but I have parents who let me take consequences when I was an idiot. I didn't graduate in four years because I made some mistakes sophomore year and then never made up the work. They didn't offer me money or call the school. They told me that I would have to find a way to pay for all the costs if I still wanted to graduate. I lived off campus, worked 40 hours a week and took my classes. What would have I have learned from them bailing me out? We need to protect our children, but we need to start teaching them responsibility better as well as right from wrong. Maybe a story like this will actually shock people or maybe we have all become desensitized to it. I hope the latter.

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