Monday, December 31, 2007

We're taking bets that you did something stupid this year...

Well everyone makes some mistakes. You might lock your keys in your car or trip going up some stairs but these people take the cake. Some of them are politicians, but most of them are celebrities. It is much more fun picking on public people than the normal ones.

12. Paris Hilton - She was sentenced to prison for driving a suspended license and other things. She then cried about it and wasted more tax payers money.
11. Lindsay Lohan - Rehab should have been her song and not Amy Winehouse's.
10. Vanessa Hudgens - Naked pictures showed up on the internet. She took them herself to impress a boy. What a weirdo.
9. OJ Simpson - Hey OJ you cannot do any wrong because you will get caught faster than a child on a chair with his/her arm in a cookie jar.
8. - Calling Jennifer Love Hewitt fat? She smacked you guys down that hopefully you will stop judging others.
7. GWB - He vetoed more bills that would help Americans than he can count to. At least there are less than 400 days left of him.
6. Jamie Lynn Spears - It is time to realize that homeschooling does not teach about condoms.
5. Britney Spears - Shaved her head. Lip synced poorly. An unfit mother and sister. What could she do to save herself?
4. Don Imus - Racist comments and in less than 7 months he is back on the air. I guess he didn't have to pay for his mistake.
3. Film & TV Studio Execs - The writer's strike has just begun to make your life and our life boring.
2. Larry Craig - Playing footsies in a bathroom stall. He doesn't like gay marriage, but he loves gay sex. Sounds queer to me.
1. Michael Vick - Dog fighting and trying to say he had nothing to do with it. Pleads guilty and he is shocked by going to jail for 23 months. I hope I don't hear about him once in 2008.

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Danielle A. said...

Great choice at number one. You don't get any stupid than Vick, I think. That's like stupid mixed with evil mixed with arrogance. May God have mercy on that man. :P