Thursday, April 24, 2008

We're taking bets that you are psyched about LOST tonight...

LOST is on at 10 pm tonight EST on ABC. I have been waiting to get more of my questions answered. There is 6 hours left this season in five episodes. Below I have posed some questions with what I think will happen. I hope you enjoy!!!

1. Will Michael be killed by a Lostie or one of Widmore's goons?

Most of you are probably wondering is Michael going to die? Yes he is. He has to be punished for killing Libby and Ana-Lucia. I do believe that he will be killed saving the Oceanic 6 by one of Widmore's men. That will set off Walt to be badass in the last two seasons.

2. Do Kate and Jack ever hook-up or is he really in love with Juliet?

Yes to both parts. I think that he will definitely get busy with Kate although I do not believe it will be until after the island. I also think he loves Juliet, but not as much as he loves Kate. Juliet will probably be stuck on the island and not get a chance to keep her Jack love going.

3. Which Lostie is the next to die?

It absolutely has to be Jin. He definitely was not one of the Oceanic 6 and although everyone thinks Claire will die I do not. I think she will last until the end. Jin always been kind of a boring character overall because he is a one trick pony. Get angry or Be compassionate to someone through hand gestures and limited English.

4. Will we see why Libby was in the mental hospital?

Absofreakinglutely!!! She is the key to many of the things that are going on with LOST. Most people forget that she gave Desmond the boat and he has special powers. She fell in love with Hurley and she was in the mental hospital with Hurley. I also believe that she was married to a Widmore brother, but that is purely speculation. She will be the part of LOST that will shock everyone in coming seasons.

5. Is Ben good or evil?

I believe that he is ultimately good, but will do evil things to protect what he believes. Kind of like the US in Iraq. We went in trying to protect ourselves from terrorists, but taking over actually was evil. I think that we are missing a lot of things about Ben and I hope tonight's episode clarifies it for us.


Mags said...

#3 cracks me up, although I kinda like Jin...when we saw that he is dead (was it last episode?) I wondered if he was one of the 6 and then dies or if he died on the island and it's an empty grave.

If we DON'T find out why Libby was in a mental hospital, I think I'm going to need to be put in one. I also think she's a big player in upcoming things-but where the heck do you come up with these theories? Married to a Widmore brother?!?!?!

And also, way to throw in some political mumbojumbo in the end.

Mags said...

PS. Though there may only be a handful of us that answer your questions, I think you should resume posting them soon.

We may revolt.


GMadrid said...

Lisa - the questions will come back soon enough. I promise. Remember I just know things Lisa. It is because I have no life and am an insomniac. I can figure these things out.