Tuesday, April 08, 2008

WTBT Volume 19 Series 2008...

We're taking bets that...

* the China/Tibet issue is not going to be resolved by violence towards the Olympic torch.
* Memphis is definitely jinxed when it comes to free throws.
* this Absolut Ad wasn't that horrible.
* Super Mario Chalmers will never make a three pointer as important as the one he made last night.
* you can't beat a goat chase by police.
* you had to read the last line twice.
* it will be nice seeing the Red Sox get their World Series rings for the second time in four years today.
* if you have not gone to AskANinja.com you are really missing out.
* Derek Jeter's injury is going to be pretty bad for the Yankees.
* I know bear spray is easy to come across in Alaska, but spray people twice at a bar is a little ridiculous.
* you are wondering if bear spray is really bear urine and who is harvesting that?
* it is a shame that BRAVO lost Project Runway to Lifetime.
* Tom Cruise's new movie Valkyrie keeps moving like Katie Holmes hairline.
* you don't know if it is funnier that the lady is from Beaverton or the guy in her closet in women's clothes.
* in six days Tiger Woods will be Master's Champion.

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T said...

I'm scared that you care about Project Runway.