Sunday, August 16, 2009

We're taking bets that I am probably right and you are probably wrong...

Here are a few observations that I have made over the last few days.

* Some people are too sensitive for their own good. It must be debilitating to react like a crazy person to everything people say or do around you. You should not be bringing stress into my life. I know that I am too laid back, but that doesn't mean I am looking for the worry train to come my way. Remember most of the time it is not about you. We are all really too self-centered to be talking or acting for your benefit. Of course I know many of you think I am talking about you, but I am not. I am talking about other people with at least one person you don't know in mind.

* I am not always proud being a male when I go out with my friends. Overall guys are creepers and I am sorry women have to put up with it. I am a watcher when I go out. (Sounds intrusive I know, but more of a watcher of what happens not a stalker making people uncomfortable.) It is weird watching guys "accidentally" rub up against a woman or grab a girl and make her talk to them. It makes things harder for the nice guy who takes a 1/2 hour to go up to a girl to even say hi and walk away. Most women are already on the defense because of you creepers. Do me a favor... make eye contact first then go up to the person and dance. Don't be sneaky or touchy.

* When you are in a supermarket (Big Y, Stop & Shop) please do not block the whole aisle. It is wide enough for the both of us. (Even a big guy like me) When you see me coming (and I know you see me) get out of the way. We should not have to put lights on the carts so I can flash you to get out of the way. I am not going high speed down the aisle. Well at least when there are people in the aisle. It is frustrating because the worst part is you look at me like I am inconveniencing you for even saying "Excuse Me". I have decided that I am going to wait for you to get in line and then get behind you and hit you in the back of the ankle with my cart. Then I will say, "Sorry I didn't see you there because I am a jerk like you." I also may put a few items on the belt that you didn't select to see what happens. It may annoy you, but you deserve it and it will make me much happier on my ride home.

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