Saturday, August 15, 2009

WTBT Volume 4 Series 2009

We're taking bets that...

* it is good to be back.
* the Red Sox comeback last night might be the start of something special.
* Damon Weaver rocks and might be better than Katie at interviewing.
* sometimes the end is not the end.
* Kevin Hart is freaking hilarious and you should check out his comedy special "I am a Grown Little Man."
* older people are weird when it comes to going to the park.
* race is probably the issue with that park.
* it was great seeing Tom Brady play football again.
* cinnamon does not plump up your lips.
* stupidity comes in all sizes and usually it is somewhere in an active tornado area.
* you should be excited that the EPL has started.
* most of you are trying to figure out what the EPL is.
* it might just be me, but Mariah Carey breast still keep getting bigger with each album she puts out.
* everyone being a winner or getting a prize has gone too far.
* when you see eye to eye with someone on an issue it is no one else's business.
* you need to check out the trailer for the movie Legion. It's going to be badass.
* Dane Cook might not be funny anymore.
* Jon needs to be punched in his face a lot and Kate needs a hair cut.
* if I had known I would of found a guy to do this with today because I support gay marriage.
* 7+ hours in a classroom is way too long.
* Austrians have really big mailboxes.
* it is probably because their postcards are the size of poster board and Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Mags said...

I now have Dream Weaver in my head because that's what I read instead of Damon Weaver. The sucky part is, the only words I know are dream weaver then I have to use la la la's.

That bus story has to be fake. Right? Crazy!! Don't you wish they had courses like that for your masters? :)

(Sorry you had to be in class so long today!!!)

And also-why would cinnamon plump your lips?

Mags said...



Anonymous said...

"cinnamon does not plump up your lips" hahahahaha

I swear! It's true!

Tom said...

Finally, a dose of Greg.

Welcome Back.