Monday, December 20, 2010

We're taking bets that I can rant...

Here are a couple of musings/rants...

* It is amazing how one conversation can change you view on an issue. Sometimes we forget how important people are in our lives and it all gets brought back in a five minute conversation. Don't forget the people you see everyday, but are not your best friends. You probably have amazing conversations that impact your life so much, but you don't really know it.

* Brett Favre deserves to start for the Vikings and should be their quarterback for the rest of the year. They are not going to move forward with their other QBs, so let him play. You have a chance for one more miracle play that only Brett Favre can deliver. Now if he tries to comeback next year I say we give him the Tonya Harding treatment, but let him play this year.

* I am so glad Committed won The Sing-off. They were awesome from start to finish. It is one of the first times I feel the audience truly got it right. Good job.

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