Saturday, December 18, 2010

WTBT Favorite TV Shows of 2010...

Here is my list of my favorite shows that aired in 2010. They may not still be on, but they were on in 2010. I hope you like my list and remember I do not have HBO or Showtime.

18. 30 Rock - I know it is funny, but I just don't like it every single week.
17. CSI Miami - The show still has some cool story lines although Horatio is starting to grate on me.
16. Top Chef - They probably have the best all-stars show ever. It is amazing how they keep me riveted and hungry ever single week.
15. CSI - I still love the original show. Laurence Fishburne has made a good transition from movies and his daughter's pornography.
14. Rubicon - Sadly this show was cancelled after one season, but it was very intelligent and was teeming with conspiracies.
13. Detroit 1-8-7 - Michael Imperioli is one of the greatest actors and I like all of the characters and the mysteries on the show.
12. House - Huddy is a little weird, but the addition of Amber Tamblyn has really kept the other actors on their toes.
11. NCIS - Consistently good show with many funny parts intertwined with good story lines.
10. Project Runway ~ Mondo really made this last season and was the main reason to watch.
9. Amazing Race ~ The adventures these people go on are really incredible. I love it every season. Though the Fall is tough with football screwing up the TiVo.
8. Community ~ This might be the most underrated comedy on TV. The paintball episode last season was awesome.
7. The Office ~ Starting to get really funny again just as Michael leaves.
6. Sanctuary ~ A real fun sci-fi show that has fun individual shows that weave into the main plotline.
5. How I Met Your Mother ~ If we do not meet the mother soon I may have to turn my back on this show. But it is so damn funny.
4. Chuck ~ This show continues to get better and I hope that more people watch it.
3a. Big Bang Theory ~ Just when I thought it was getting kind of old they brought the funny back. Jim Parsons is truly a master in his role as Sheldon.
3. Glee ~ I can't believe I almost left this off the list. The bullying storyline and the cameo of Mrs. Chris Martin have made this a great show.
2. LOST ~ Great Ending for a great show. I hope I get to go to heaven with my friends.
1. Modern Family ~ Laugh out loud funny every single week. There might not be a better show on TV.

I have to admit I have watched a lot less TV this year. I haven't gotten into The Event though they are all TiVo'd for a snow day. I didn't watch MadMen from the beginning so I haven't watched it.

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Love the lists (as always). How about a best books list?