Thursday, December 16, 2010

WTBT Volume 6 Series 2010

We're taking bets that...

* I didn't know if I had two days in a row in me.
* most men didn't know cleaning woman's clothes really takes a lot of time and patience with the reading of a lot of instructions.
* it is fun when the Knicks are relevant again, although not good enough to win anything.
* sometimes it pays to be hot than open a window.
* Julian Assange is a creepy dude regardless of whether he is guilty of sex charges or not.
* we are going to get close to $4 a gallon for gas again. Ugh.
* the UConn Husky football team will at least be competitive for the first three quarters in the Fiesta Bowl.
* you still can't believe UConn is in the Fiesta Bowl.
* The Fighter will be an excellent movie that will highlight a hidden gem in Lowell, MA.
* when you hear the words "Mariah Carey" and "twins" you don't think about babies.
* it is kind of sick that the photo of the dead guy in this article looks like a happy Santa.
* Paul Pierce is one of the most exciting/arrogant players in the NBA.
* I think Committed is going to win on Sing-off.

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