Friday, July 08, 2005

We're taking bets that cool is as cool does...

As most of the United States gets doused with rain I thought I could give you a couple of fun questions. As always post your answers in the comments section. Have a great rainy Friday!!!

A. The movie War of the Worlds poses the idea that there is intelligent life out beyond Earth. Do you think there is intelligent life out in space or are we the only ones?

B. What is the worst food combination you can think of? An example: baked beans with liver and strawberries...


A. Of course there has to be other intelligent life than us. Many of us are too arrogant to think that we are only ones in the Universe.

B. I would have to say that pickles and peanut butter. I love them both separately, but together they must be one of the most disgusting thing ever.


Liz said...

1. There is no doubt in my mind that there are other intelligent life forms out there and I really don't think they look like 'us'.

2. How about Lima Beans and honey mustard.

As an aside, Greg - my grandfather used to have peanut butter, banana and dill pickle sandwiches. His philosophy was that they were going to end up together in his stomach, why not start out that way. He was braver than I will ever be!

Happy weekend!

Amy said...

1. You know as well as I do that there are others out there...I dare say there may even be some among us, a la "Men In Black".

2. I actually saw this in action, so I know there's someone in this world who disagrees, but I worked at Baskin Robbins when I was in high school, and my algebra teacher came in one night and ordered a butterscotch sundae with blueberry marshmallow ice cream. EEW.

(and btw, I know Ian - worked at Baskin Robbins with him, went to high school with him, found your site through him, and enjot it often - Thanks!)

Nai said...


What Algebra teacher was that? I vagueky remeber that story. I am sure it went down in BR history!

As for my answers:

A. Yes, for all the reasons above and some inside information that I may or may not have. MUAH HA HA!

B. I was in a restaraunt and the were advertising a pie filled with all kinds of berries and I sear the picture looked like there were olives thrown in for good measure. I avoided the desert.

Danielle said...

1. Sure, why not. I think for anyone to think otherwise is stupid. There's got to be another planet or two out there that is able to sustain life.

2. I know a lot of people eat it, but ketchup and eggs. It looks like brains.

Amy said...

Nai -

Mrs. Swan. I kept thinking all day at work that that was her name, and then thought I may have been tripped up by MadTV in the interim since high school. But alas, Mrs. Swan it was!

Anonymous said...

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