Friday, July 01, 2005

We're taking bets that it is Friday question time...

Hey Everybody!!! I hope that you have a great Fourth of July. Here are a couple of quick questions for the weekend. Have fun with them.

A. What is your favorite summer movie of all time?

B. Now that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are married what are some other celebrity marriages you would like to see?

C. What do you find distracts you the most when you are trying to concentrate?


One Crazy Summer with John Cusak and Demi Moore. I mean you don't get much better than that. It is wacky wild Kool-Aid Style.

B. I would like to see the marriage of Jennifer Love Hewitt and Gary Coleman. Wouldn't they make a great couple. Also Lewis Black and Courtney Love because he needs something to make him a little more crazy.

C. For me I think it is the fact that there are usually other people around and I like to people watch. Luckily I can quiet the voices in my head. :)


Danielle said...

1. Favorite Summer Movie of all time? Hrmmm.... *thinks* Kinda hokey, but I'm gonna have to say "Grease". Those Sum-mer... NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHTS!

2. Madonna and Tom Cruise. Screw Guy Ritchie and Katie Holmes... Madonna and Tom are meant for each other. They're both tapped.

3. Outside conversations. I'm a bit of what they call a "talker". :-)

Trader Posse said...

Thanks for breaking up our day in Middletown today Greg!

1. RM-On Golden Pond
JG-Anne of Green Gables
LD-Dirty Dancing
GP-Convoy-Ain't Nothin' Gonna Get in Their Way!
SM-Any Mary Kate & Ashley movie made prior to them being 8. Also, anything that goes straight to video b/c popcorn is so expensive.

2. RM-Mary Ann & the Professor and Alice and Sam the Butcher
JG-William Hung and Lindsay Lohan
LD-Judge Judy and Snoop Dog
GP-Michael Jackson and Lacy Peterson.
SM-The little guy from "Willow" and the snapple lady! It just seems fun!

3. RM-People talking-I want to join in!
JG-The songs in my head-usually Sweet Caroline or the theme song to Inspector Gadget.
LD-Cute boys in hats, especially when they wear them backwards.
GP-1 boy, 1 spouce, 3 dogs, 2 phones and 4 cats.
SM-Concentrating on concentrating always breaks my concentration. So, I would have to say....concentrating.

Liz said...

1. summer movie...i really don't know...the throw back movie would have to be Summer of '42...great flick. As for the normal movies - I'm not sure, but a fun summer movie memory - Waiting with bated breath the summer of '94 with friends at college for The Lion King to hit theaters...maybe that would be it...GREG???!!!

2. Valerie Bertinelli and the guy who played Schnider on One Day At A know he always had a thing for her!

3. My neighbor's music...he's bringing down the 'hood! (Not is actually kind of funny to hear Elvis closely followed by the University of Texas Marching Band)

Liz said...

OH!! I change my movie choice - How could I forget about Summer Rental - a John Candy classic!

Nai said...

A. Meatballs. Bill Murray at his best. The rest of the series is unwatchable, but the original is quality. This is teh ORIGINAL Summer Camp movie, and the story of the shy kid who befriends Bill Murray's character is the best.

B. Hmmm, well since they all end in divorce, I will pass.

D. Answereing these damn questions! ;)

P McT said...

1)Summer movie would be anything with John Candy or Chevy Chase on vacation. Those bastards know how to ruin a summer vacation and its hilarious!

2) I think Ben Savage and the chick that played Tepanga should have been married in real life, they just looked like they would be a happy couple

3)the ghetto ass people that live next to me, they are always fighting and the chick always sounds like she is really drunk!

Anonymous said...

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