Sunday, July 31, 2005

We're taking bets that Dane Cook is a silly bitch...

On Tuesday July 26th the first ever Double CD and DVD comedy disc came out. It was put out by one of the best stand-up comedian's of the 90's/00's generation Dane Cook. This will probably be a very biased view because I have been a fan of Dane since 1995. I have seen him 4 times in the last 12 months. So you can say that I am a big fan. That being said here is my review.

Retaliation is made up of 2 CD's and one DVD. Each disc has its own name. Disc One(CD) is WANT, Disc Two(CD) is NEED, and Disc Three(DVD) is HAVE. The discs are special in their own way.

WANT has you laughing from the second you put it in. Legacy and the Heist/Monkey bits are probably some of his best bits. He is absolutely no holds barred on this disc. My favorite moment is how he dealt with a heckler and his response after. He able to go with the flow and never stops being funny. Dane also does some new bits that definitely kill the audience. I think everyone will now want to be a BAMF.

NEED starts out with some older material that has been scene on some of his television appearences. It definitely works especially the Friend That Nobody Likes. It is funny because it is true. He then busts out with some great new material about Love. Exaggerating GF/Bachelor will leave you rolling in the aisle.

HAVE is probably the most disappointing of the set. The Shorties Watching Shorties is a hilarious cartoony view of his material. The Crank Yankers' stuff is not all that funny. Most disappointing is the unedited version of the Dennis Leary roast. Dane was not having his best night and only had a couple of funny bits. The Ed Lover/Dr. Dre comment was pretty funny. The exciting thing about the HAVE DVD was the teaser for the TOURGASM DVD that will be coming out this fall. This should be one of the best comedy Documentaries ever. It follows Dane with 3 other comedians(Jay Davis, Gary Gulman, & Robert Kelly) who do 20 shows in 30 days. It looks like a riot.

Retaliation is out nationwide selling for $14.99. It is absolutely worth every penny. Go out and buy it now so the DaneTrain can keep his funny rolling into our hearts. :)


Micah said...

I got this and loved it, but I still think his last CD was maybe a little better. The last DVD certainly was. True, the "Shorties Watching Shorties" clips are cool, but how can that compete with the unedited CC stand-up special? Another full-length stand-up set would've been nice.

I'm looking forward to "Tourgasm." I know it's a documentary, but I hope that there's a significant amount of stand-up performances. That's a gripe I had with David Cross's "Let America Laugh."

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