Wednesday, July 06, 2005

WTBT Volume 20...

We're taking bets that...

* there is only the game no matter what you might think or try.
* NYC never had a chance at the 2012 Olympics.
* Amos Lee may be one of the new great singers. Check him out.
* Keith Foulke is getting what he deserves after his Burger King comments.
* Jessica Alba will make Fantastic Four worth watching.
* Manny Rameriz will pass Lou Gehrig for most Grand Slams ever before he is through with his career as a Red Sox.
* this headline should scare women everywhere.
* there sure are some fun sports in Europe.
* the littlest Brady Bunch child is making life miserable around the Gulf of Mexico.
* Ray Allen is making a mistake re-signing with the Sonics.
* Live 8 was a great concert, but the reunion of Pink Floyd was a little disappointing.
* Milwaukee's Carlos Lee will run away with the Home Run Derby this year.
* you may not realize it but you can't help but like Gwen Stefani.
* Lance Armstrong may win the Tour de France by his biggest margin ever this year.
* MTV's Real World may have crossed the line with this cast and I am a diehard fan.
* you did not know there was an American Association of Nude Recreation.


Will said...

I saw Amos Lee a few months back and really liked him.

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