Wednesday, August 24, 2005

We're taking bets it is time for the yearly mindset list..

Every year Beloit College in Wisconsin releases a mindset list of incoming freshmen. The list basically names a bunch of things that they have not lived without or things that they would not know about. It is pretty neat to read and makes anyone over the age of 18 feel a little bit old. Here is a sample of the 50 items:

According to the Benoit College Mindset List, for college freshmen born in 1987:
— Liberace, Jackie Gleason, and Lee Marvin have always been dead.
— Heart-lung transplants have always been possible.
— Wayne Gretzky never played for Edmonton.
— Iran and Iraq have never been at war with each other.
— They’re more familiar with Greg Gumbel than with Bryant Gumbel.
— Voice mail has always been available.
— ‘Whatever’ is not part of a question
— They have always had the right to burn the flag.
— Bill Gates has always been worth at least a billion dollars.
— The Starship Enterprise has always looked dated.
— ‘Les Miserables’ has always been on stage.
— Snowboarding has always been a popular winter pastime.
— They do not remember “a kinder and gentler nation.”
— They never saw the shuttle Challenger fly.
— Black Americans have always been known as African-Americans.
— Tom Landry never coached the Cowboys.
— The Field of Dreams has always been drawing people to Iowa.
— They never saw a Howard Johnson’s with 28 ice cream flavors.
— Lyme disease has always been a concern in the woods.


Niamh said...

Hmm, somehow I thought that would be more interesting, based upon your intro...i wanted to know what they cannot live WITHOUT...ohhh well.

Anonymous said...

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