Sunday, August 21, 2005

WTBT Volume 23...

We're taking bets that...

* Mike from Real World New York may be the person who has milked his 15 minutes of fame the most.
* it is great that Curt Schilling is finally moving into the Red Sox rotation.
* you have no clue why the guy jumped into the cake during Guns-N-Roses "November Rain" video.
* you wonder sometimes if they are going to make a live action/animated movie version of The Wuzzles.
* How I Met Your Mother will be the best new comedy this year.
* Antonio Gates is making a big mistake holding out on the San Diego Chargers.
* it's Miller Time in Milwaukee. Congrats on 150 years of making beer.
* the Kansas City Royals are the worst baseball team in the last 20 years.
* there is no better family movie out than March of the Penguins.
* most kids can't find Iowa on a map, but many say High School is too easy.
* it was great to see Doug Flutie back in a New England Patriots uniform.
* cats don't get much luckier than this one. Nine lives or not.
* Charlie Weis will make the Fighting Irish a National Championship contender in 4 years.
* you are surprised there isn't a Christian group protesting the movie 40 Year Old Virgin because most of them haven't had sex yet either.
* this might be the scariest story of the NFL's preseason.
* until the mechanic's strike is over you are a little leery flying Northwest Airlines.
* Roger Federer might be the best mens tennis player ever.
* John O'Hurley is going to kick ass in his Dancing with the Stars rematch against Kelly Monaco. Seriously that is part of his new dance move.
* you can't believe that Hulk Hogan is headlining WWE's Summer Slam. Isn't he dead yet?

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