Wednesday, August 10, 2005

WTBT Volume Twenty-Three...

We're taking bets that...

* if there is a can of paint sitting precariously on a ledge I am going to knock it over.
* it sucks seeing Ty Law in a NY Jets uniform.
* there will be voting issues with Katherine Harris' Senate race.
* you were relieved to hear that the Shuttle landed safely in California.
* the arbitrator made a mistake reducing cameraman beating Kenny Rogers's suspension from baseball to 13 games.
* Dana Reeve could not have more bad news in her life.
* seeing the Runaway Bride mowing lawns as community service made you smile.
* there is now a way to convince your kids to put down the video game controller. Potential Death.
* Sidney Crosby will make you want to watch hockey again.
* you miss Ace of Base.
* the USC Trojans will probably be the best Offensive Team ever in college football this year.
* Tristan Prettyman will be a huge breakout star.
* Tiger will win the PGA Championship by 5 strokes.
* if you've stolen a car don't pull another driver over for running a stop sign.
* you hope you get to live a life like this couple.