Thursday, August 18, 2005

We're taking bets that I know this one...

Question time at WTBT. Post your answers in the comments section. Invite friends... have a ball.

A. What is the funniest or unusual thing you could say that would stop a conversation dead in its tracks?

B. What are your top three favorite music videos?


A. I think that if you all of a sudden said, "I fart when I cough(sneeze)" most people would stop talking to you and walk away. It makes me giggle now thinking about saying it.


Pour Some Sugar on Me - Def Leppard - There is a girl in the video that I have alway thought was hot. She did a weird thing with her eyes.

Take on Me - A-ha - Probably one of the first videos that I can remember with a plot.

The Way You Make Me Feel - Michael Jackson - Although Jacko in an alley right now would scare almost anyone I think that was a great video with a hot girl that was never ever seen again.

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Danielle said...

A. Being a woman, I think that "I just got my testicles laminated" just about does it every time. Women don't have testicles!

B. "Thriller" - Michael Jackson. I've always liked that video for some reason.

"November Rain" - GNR. Another video that I've always loved. I have a thing for videos that tell a story.

"Piano Man" - Billy Joel. I think it was done well, with the way that you see the people in the song. Plus, it's an awesome song.

On a side note - does anyone else think it's funny that the Pope's first "foreign" trip was to Germany?