Monday, June 27, 2005

We're taking bets that summer weekends just fly by...

Here are a couple of random observations over the past weekend.

* Stadler and Waldorf on are a freaking riot. What is even funnier is the DVD critic Pepe the Prawn. When he said that Sandra Bullock's new movie was Miss Congenitalia 2 I think I peed a little laughing so hard.

* it is awesome being a passenger on long trip. You get to see so many great things such as strange men standing by a mailbox in the woods or fun signs that say things you have never seen before.

* almost any time spent on a beach is a great time. You can do some unbelievable people watching. From watching freaks and hot women it is a grand old time.

* it is time to bring back some old words and sayings that have not been used in a long time. Three words that I think we should start using on a regular basis are scofflaw, rabble rouser, and wet your whistle.

* sadness overcame the WTBT offices as the voice of Tigger and Gargamel passed away this weekend. I always smile when I hear the song “The Most Wonderful Things About Tiggers” . It is incredibly sad that all the great voices of the past are slowly starting to leave us and we have not replaced them with great voices for our future generations. :(


Nai said...

Add to that list the voice of Piglet, John Fiedler. Who in the Hundred Acre Wood could be next as you know these things come in threes.


Anonymous said...

It's weird that they died a day apart- one right after the other. :(


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