Wednesday, June 29, 2005

WTBT Volume Nineteen...

We're taking bets that...

* you are going to scream if you hear any more crap from Tom Cruise.
* the Celtics lucked out for the second year in a row to get a fantastic High Schooler in the NBA draft.
* if Lindsay Lohan doesn't have a eating disorder then Elton John isn't gay.
* Keith Foulke needs to take a week off and get his head back into being a dominant closer.
* this Baggage Handler had problems with his package.
* it creeps you out when you see a 50+ year old man dating a woman in her 20's.
* everytime Maria Sharapova wins Wimbledon officials are psyched.
* it's good to know you can drink stinky water.
* there is nothing George Steinbrenner can do about his Yankees except be frustrated.
* you gotta love the Big Enchilada.
* the DC Nationals Chad Cordero will become the next Mariano Rivera.
* War of the Worlds will be a great movie despite Tom Cruise being in it.
* Jeremy Roenick is an asshole. No matter what he says differently.
* sharks got together and decided to starting attack people.
* tall white guys everywhere are sad now that Shawn Bradley has retired.
* you are hoping that Live 8 can change the world.
* Roger Clemens has had the worst luck this year.
* this headline should read "beer" not "bee". I mean come on he's irish. :)


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